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Information received is confidential and is being gathered for the purposes of serving your Child while in the care of Parkdale Baptist Church. Any medical information collected here serves to authorize Parkdale Baptist Church, and its Staff and Volunteers, to obtain medical assistance in emergencies. This form should be completed annually by the Parent / Guardian. 

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Does your Child have any physical, emotional, mental, behavioural concerns or limitations that staff should be aware of?
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All information is confidential - providing this information grants us your permissions to contact you via email, phone, text, or mail.
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Know all the details! Subscribe free to: 

Send a text to (778) 402-6346

For SPLAT (Grades 6-8), text code: @jhpbc

For IMPACT (Grades 9-12), text code: @hspbc 

then follow instructions 

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How we keep attendance!

SPLAT requires parental accounts to be made. 
Students sign in each week using their parent’s phone #. 

IMPACT uses our church account.
We add new students to it & we sign them in each week.