Summer Camp Descriptions

To contact someone about our summer camps

email us at or call us at 613-968-5761 ext 708

Sports Camps (Gr. 1 – 6)

Multi-Sport (July 15-19) Soccer (August 12-16)
LOCATION: Prince Charles School – 75 Ritchie Ave, Belleville
TIME: 9:00AM-11:30AM
COST: $10
Activity is important. During these weeks our hope and plan is to help keep kids active while teaching them some great skills in sports. We will also teach them some of the great lessons they need to learn about life and sport that can be found in the Bible.  

Art Camp (Gr. 1 – 6)

August 12-16
LOCATION: Parkdale Baptist – 514 Sidney Street, Belleville
TIME: 1:00PM-3:30PM
COST: $25
As we look at our world creativity is everywhere. We believe God is amazingly creative and encourages us to be creative as well. During this week kids will have the opportunity to express their creativity and be taught some practical ways to improve in this area. We will also take a look at how this interacts with the Bible

GO M.A.D. (Gr. 4 – 8)

July 15-19
LOCATION: Parkdale Baptist – 514 Sidney Street, Belleville
TIME: 1:00PM-3:30PM

Go make a difference. We are challenging you and your kids to spend a week this summer making a difference in our community. Students will have a chance to participate in various serving opportunities – giving back to their community and serving as God calls us to. Students will also receive certificates for their involvement.

EPIC On The Lake (Grades 1-8)

Overnight Camp (July 4-7)
COST: $300
Day Camp (July 22-26) SOLD OUT
COST: $150
EPIC Camps are going to take over Pleasant Bay Camp for a week – our goal is to fill the camp with kids from the Belleville area giving kids an opportunity to not only have an amazing week of camp, but also making some great friends that can last past just that week. This is a week for of games, archery, waterskiing, tubing, rock climbing and much more!

EPIC Road Trips (Grades 1-8)

Day Camp (July 8-12)
DROP OFF LOCATION: Parkdale Baptist – 514 Sidney Street, Belleville
COST: $150
There is nothing like a good road trip. Join us for this week of day camp as we take a different Road Trip each day. Every day will be a different amazing adventure together. We are looking forward to EPIC beach days, reptile zoo’s, rock climbing and much more.