sunday am - child min
Play with friends.   Learn about God.   Be loved by others.
0 – 2 Years:
Wonderful care-givers help provide a secure and caring environment.
A comfortable nursing area is provided. 
2 Years to SK:
Children will learn about God, his word & how much He loves them throughsinging, hands-on activities & Bible lessons.
 Children, Gr. 1 – 5:
Enter into God’s presence through praise and worship, Bible lessons, and activites all geared
towards making the Bible real to kids!
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If you are joining us on a Sunday morning, please be sure to check in your children properly
so that we can ensure a safe environment.
We have a friendly welcoming team who are ready to help you find where your children will
spend the morning!
Children ages 0 – Grade 5 will check-in and then proceed to their various locations.